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Brick & Mortar business

This is a traditional street structure business which offers products and services to their customers through a regular face to face interaction. The business rents or owns an office or a store which they use as their operating station. Most businesses are moving from the brick & mortar business structure because it has more operating costs compared to web-based businesses.

A brick & mortar business can be described to be a physical shop or business premise, where consumers can go and buy goods and services from a particular business. Some consumers still don't trust web-based business and prefer visiting shops physically and paying using cash. Operating a brick and mortar business is cost-effective if the business is operating on a small scale in one geographical region. Huge corporations are finding it costly to run brick and mortar operations due to high leasing costs, utility expenses, and a high number of staff operating the stations.

Nevertheless, many businesses are now introducing the web-based business option for their customers. Giving the customers the option of ordering online and having their goods and services delivered to their preferred location. It’s not only effective but also has larger market coverage.