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Business Apps and Software

These are computer applications and software which are developed to smoothen business operations. These set of computer programs are used by different stakeholders in carrying out various business operations.Business applications and software are used:

  • Increase productivity
  • Measure the productivity
  • Track all other business operations and monitor their efficiency

Business software varies depending on the type of business and the size of the business. Larger companies tend to have business software, which handles the specific needs of a particular department in the business and can’t be used in another department. Smaller businesses have the luxury of using computer programs that can be used to fully run the business regardless of the departments. These applications can be used on both mobile phone devices and on laptops. This makes them more versatile and user friendly for all staff members.

Below are the 7 most common types of business applications and software:

  • Office Productivity applications and software
  • Tools and utility applications for businesses
  • Travel applications
  • Communication applications
  • Mobile Payment applications
  • Enterprise-specific applications
  • Mind-Mapping applications