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Computer Usage Policy

Every company has a computer usage policy. This policy provides employees with dos and don’ts when using the company's computer and laptop. There are a set of guidelines and rules which need to be followed when using the company’s equipment. Most of these policies are not only meant to protect the property of the company but also prevent any injury to the staff. The policy also helps in protecting the clients and business operations of the company from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.

When working remotely you are faced with plenty of online and physical distractions. There are so many elements of our social life that can affect our productivity when working remotely. That’s why it’s important to have a computer usage policy in place. Implementing an effective computer usage policy for your remote team will not only help address any problems when working but also reduce the cost of operating a workforce. The computer usage policy includes the usage of sensible monitoring tools that show the computer activities of your team.