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Equipments and Tools For Working From Home

When making the transition from traditional office work to working from home, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary tools and equipment. The tools and equipment will both be in form of soft copy and hard copy. Having the correct tools will play an important role in helping you deal with the daily challenges of working from home.

Below is a list of the tools and equipment you need to start working from home:

  • Mobile hotspots
  • Screen recording tools
  • Focus apps
  • Video conferencing apps
  • Remote desktop software
  • Online office suites
  • Security tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Team chat apps
  • To-do list apps
  • Note-taking apps
  • Automation tools
  • Project management software
  • Screen sharing software
  • Whiteboard and mind mapping tools

The above tools will play different roles, some will help in communicating others in project management, and others in time management. All these tools are important as they will help you to work as effectively as you would when working from a traditional office.