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This is an individual who works on a self-employed basis and can comfortably work for more than one company or client. Most of the time freelancers telecommute or work remotely from different geographical locations. They maintain communication with their clients or contractors using the internet, cell phone, and email communication.

Freelance workers are also known as “gig workers”. They are not part of the main staff of a company but they offer additional services which supplement the job responsibilities of the staff. They are paid hourly or per task. Most freelance workers work from home or co-working spaces.

Thanks to advancements in technology and the use of the internet in the working environment, companies can outsource talent from all over the world. Using different online platforms freelancers are adverse and showcase their skills to different possible contractors without commuting to the location of a company. Freelancers are more affordable to hire since they are paid per hour or project, unlike the full-time staff who are paid monthly and with additional benefits. The most common services provided by freelancers are web development, content creation, consulting, web design, etc.