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Overtime Policy

Am I going to be paid for the extra hours I work when I am working remotely? Keeping track of the working hours is one of the challenges faced by HR managing remote teams. But how does one calculate the extra hours when working from home? When looking at overtime policy as a supervisor it’s important to take into consideration the company’s working culture.

You need to ensure that employees work their regular scheduled hours or close to it. You need to communicate with your remote staff whether they are allowed to work overtime and whether they will be compensated when working overtime. The most effective way of tracking employee working time is by using HR digital systems. With these systems employees can log in and out, the systems can monitor their activity during working hours. It's also important to have your remote staff sign an agreement that they will be paid for their working hours which will be when they clock in and clock out.

As supervisors, it's important to include mandatory breaks and staff rest times in the working schedule.