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Scrum Meeting

In a normal office setting scrum meetings are short meetings done by team members working on a similar project. The meeting is done while standing and due to its nature, they tend to be very brief. The discomfort of standing for long means the scrum meetings are supposed to be very brief. The scrum meetings are attended by the Scrum Master (Team leader), Product owner (client), and team members.

A scrum meeting generally refers to any type of brief meeting held by the scrum team. Below are the three types of scrum meetings:

  • Daily scrum/ Stand up/ daily stand up:  short daily meetings intended to help the team plan their day and spot any work challenges that can arise during the day.
  • Sprint planning: a team meeting held to review the backlog of the team and decide items to focus on in the next sprint.
  • Sprint retrospective: this is a post sprint discussion.  A review of what was discussed during a sprint, how effective the strategies were, and how the process can be improved.

Incorporating scrum meetings in remote teams is very easy since they are brief meetings and are meant to just give short debriefs. Holding regular scrum meetings for your remote teams helps in keeping everyone updated.