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Socializing with Colleagues

Remote work can affect your social interaction. You can no longer spend time with your favorite colleagues or walk home together in the evening. Social interaction at work has been known to not only improve productivity but build long term professional relationships. Social interaction needs to be done moderately in a way that doesn't affect productivity, eat into working hours, or goes against the company policies and working culture.

When working from home you are denied a space at work where you can bond with your colleagues and not seeing someone for some time can end up affecting your social connection. Bonding at work is important because effective teams are built on meaningful connections, trust, and inclusivity. You can socialize with your colleagues remotely through non-work-related digital spaces, make frequent phone calls/ facetime, hold virtual social hangouts like lunches, taking a tour of each other's virtual office, hold remote competitions, or games, etc. These activities will maintain the social connection you have with your colleagues.