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Sprint meetings are very common in a Scrum methodology in a work setting. During sprint meetings, communication is done for effective planning and review of ongoing projects. Sprints are generally short meetings that are done in a Scrum work cycle. These meetings generally have varied duration depending on the project and can be distributed during the project duration. You can have a one week sprint or a 30 days sprint.

The main goal of every sprint meeting is to improve and create product increments. Due to their short period, the Scrum team focuses on the most important features of a product when in a sprint meeting. Remote staff can use sprint meetings to be updated on various stages in a project. Sprint meetings are built on the idea that each iteration is meant to be better than the previous incremental experienced in the last sprint meeting.

Each sprint meeting starts with a sprint planning meeting. Present in the meeting is the Product Owner and the Scrum team. During this meeting, the discussion involves what needs to be moved from the product backlog to the sprint backlog.