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Stand-up Meeting

This is a daily organization meeting, which is very brief and held when people are standing. The standup meeting is very common in the Scrum development work methodology, Due to the nature of the attendants standing the meeting lasts between 5 to 15 minutes. The standup meeting addresses the following issues:

  • What was done the previous day?
  • What are your tasks for the day?
  • Anyone experiencing any impediments?

Standing instead of sitting reinforces the idea that the meeting is meant to be very brief and avoid any prolonged discussion which might affect the work schedule for the day. The standup meetings are not for discussions rather just to keep everyone updated. Stand-up meetings are normally done in the morning. Sometimes they are referred to as daily scrum or morning roll call. If there emerge any pressing issues during a stand up meeting a longer meeting or sitting will be arranged with the appropriate parties.