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Synchronous Communication:

Synchronous means working at the same time, and together. Synchronous communication refers to communication between two or more people working together. The communication is done in an online setting using tools like chat rooms. People's responses are relayed immediately which enables a timely discourse. Digital communication tools like chat rooms, conference calls, enable real-time receiving and respond to messages.

Most workplaces embrace the use of synchronous communication. Thanks to technology communication can be effectively done for onsite and remote staff without summoning a meeting to one geographical location. Synchronous communication can be done across different time zones and even with remote staff.

Supervisors who have to handle remote teams, have to deal with the struggle of communicating with people spread across different time zones. A short meeting can end up taking longer than expected because of dealing with remote teams. Synchronous communication is one of the most effective communication strategies for remote teams, especially when it’s efficiently mastered.