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Types of Employee Monitoring

Monitoring employee activity is done to ensure staff is focused and also to maintain high productivity at the workplace. Employee monitoring has many rules, but then the benefits outweigh the challenges. There are five methods which employees can use to monitor the activities of their staff during working hours:

  • Video Surveillance: installing CCTV cameras to monitor employee activities in a specific workstation. This works mostly for onsite workers. Most businesses also install CCTV cameras to enhance their workplace safety measures.
  • Email and network monitoring: the employee analyses the incoming and the outgoing network on the office network. Employers can check if their employees are accessing any unproductive sites. Are they receiving emails that are non-work related in their company inbox?
  • Biometric terminals and keycards: high-end security systems, which not only keep track of all access points but also maintain highs security of company property and data.
  • GPS tracking: an easy way of keeping track of staff who are working in the fields.
  • Employee monitoring software: an effective method of monitoring onsite and remote teams. They are also very affordable.  They keep track of all the digital activities of your staff.