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All organizations seeking to remove the grind from business travel are adopting Jack + Ferdi to enable their employees to bleisure.

Better work life balance, increased performance and personal growth are frequently reported by Jack and Ferdi users.

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Our users include software shops, financial services companies, engineering firms, architects, law firms, sports industry companies, corporate travel agents,...

J+F for Businesses

Whether you have few or a lot of traveling employees, we’re here to help you keep travelers happy and productive.

Any company with a focus on the health, growth and performance of their employees will benefit from Jack and Ferdi. Remove the grind of business travel, and give your employees the power to bleisure to retain talent, increase productivity, and lower absenteeism.

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J+F for Corp. Travel Agents

If you are seeking to capture the massive trend of bleisure, we are here to help you provide outstanding customer service with traveler-centric bleisure recommendations in the main business travel destinations worldwide.

With our our web-based solution, you will easily create profiles for your clients and your clients’ travelers, and generate traveler-centric recommendations.

Or, with our API, integrate Jack and Ferdi seamlessly in your own web or mobile interface.

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J+F for API Partners

Through our API program, J+F integrates seamlessly with web and mobile applications of the travel and mobility industry. Our bleisure-focused solution is accessible through white label distribution agreements.

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