1 Day of Work & Play in Paris


1 Day of Work & Play in Paris by Jack and Ferdi

1 Day of Work & Play in Paris 

If you’re in Paris on a one-day business trip — you’ve landed a prime bleisure travel opportunity. Paris is a wonderful city to mix working remotely and leisurely travel. For this itinerary, we’ve set the 1st and 2nd arrondissements as a hub for your exploration.

While you may wish to schedule in touristy icons, with just one day, our goal is to awaken your senses with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Parisian culture while avoiding burnout. Dive into the J+F digital wellbeing app for additional wellness tips, cultural insights, and fun facts for an added level of authenticity.

Work before play

Forget the mundanity that is often associated with corporate travel. You can easily work remotely at the unique Gaite Lyrique. This huge cultural space is filled with bars, coffee shops, and exhibits. 

There is no entrance fee and you can sit here as long as you need. Grab a strong cup or coffee or tea along with a buttery croissant to properly fuel yourself for what’s to come. 

Blend in with the locals

When the work is done, stretch your legs with a stroll over to Rue Montorgueil. The nearby outdoor market is a pedestrian-only street filled with the authentic tastes of France. Grab a bite to eat for lunch while enjoying the scenery and time amongst the locals.

Consider finding a bit of green space for a few moments of meditation. It’s important to stick to your wellness routines even while away from home.

Take in a bit of history

Just 500m away sits one of the oldest squares in the city — Place des Victoires. The elegant square is dedicated to Louis XIV’s military victories. Take in the history and views while flipping over to the Paris Playlist on Spotify right from the J+F app. You’ll be treated to romantic music and tunes from Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt — both representatives of Parisian music.

Capture the architecture and open air cafes

For an afternoon of leisure activity and exploration, head across the Seine to the St Germain-des-Pres district. Take in the Haussmann-style Parisian buildings, winding cobblestone streets, and historic cafes. Wander in and out of the boutiques, galleries, and shops that speak to you.

For your evening meal, seek out Cafe de Flore. This corner cafe is known for hosting some of the most famous visitors to Paris.


Unwind with music & sweet treats

From here, round out your day with a 1.5km walk to L’Alimentation Generale for an evening filled with live music. But before you get too comfortable, track down a cafe with Creme Brulee on the menu — it won't be hard to find. The rich custard topped with a burnt caramelized sugar layer comes with a fun tradition — crack the top with your spoon before devouring the decadent treat. 


By now, your camera roll is undoubtedly filled with postcard worthy photos. And you’re likely already planning your return to the city of love. In just one day you were able to stick to your work, eat like a local, maintain your overall well being, and peruse a bit of this beautiful city.

Explore with J+F

Fun facts, opportunities for wellness, exercise, and meditation — the Jack & Ferdi wellness app is far more than travel hot spots. Our unique platform looks out for your health and wellbeing as you make the most of your bleisure travel experiences. We want you to see the sights and immerse yourself in local culture while staying true to yourself and prioritizing your wellbeing.

While this itinerary provides a well-rounded Parisian experience, you can further customize your time in the city with J+F. From beautiful views, places to eat, and even souvenir recommendations — make sure you schedule in what’s important to you!

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