Working from home can be a struggle for many. Motivate your remote employees by creating a work life balance culture, fostering wellness practices and encouraging them to travel locally and sustainability. Your team’s happiness is at their fingertips.

Why is workplace
wellness important?

  • Health Risks

    25%-30% of the US workforce will be working remotely multiple days a week by the end of 2021. While flexible policies can have a positive impact on employees’ performance, working permanently from home can have important downsides and present physical and mental health risks.

    Studies during the pandemic are showing heightened physical and mental health risks for remote workers such as musculoskeletal complaints, increase in alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, poor drinking eating habits and an alarming lack of exercise.

    In addition to direct effects on their physical health, researches have shown remote workers work for longer hours, and the pressure of performance becomes heavier, leading to high levels of mental stress.

  • Chronic Diseases

    By experiencing greater levels of stress, remote workers are more likely to feel tired, ineffective and burned out. In june 2020, over 69% of the US workforce experienced burnout symptoms such as exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks or feeling angry. This shows an increase of 20% compared to a similar survey led in 2019. Burn out can have significant consequences such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cognitive decline and depression.

    Lack of exercise is a major cause of chronic and can increase risks of cardiovascular disease and death, Unhealthy lifestyle habits triggered by prolonged exposure to stress and work from home, such as smoking, unhealthy food and high consumption of alcohol, increase risk of cancer.

  • Staggering cost for employers

    Working from home without keeping a healthy routine not only has negative consequences on the employee’s overall health but also on the company performance. When compounded, these issues trigger huge costs for employers in the form of higher medical claims, absenteeism and long-term disability.

    Burnout means low productivity and high turnover — especially turnover of your most engaged people. A burnt out employee costs on average 34% of their annual salary as a result. It is difficult for companies to reverse the damages and cost associated with burnout. Chronic stress that results in burnout actually changes the anatomy and functioning of your employee’s brain.

  • Employers Responsibilities

    The lines between work and personal time are blurring in new and unusual ways, and many employees who are working remotely for the first time are likely to struggle to preserve healthy boundaries between their professional and personal lives. Drawing lines between professional and personal lives is crucial, especially for your employees’ mental health. While working remote and flexible policies used to be a perk to attract and retain millennials employees, the pandemic emphasizes how important taking care of your remote workers’ health is. Rather than just paying for healthcare expenses, investing in wellness programs and supporting a healthy work-life balance will not only keep your workforce engaged but prevent huge negative impacts on your company.

    Help your employees implement a schedule that allows them to have a set number of hours dedicated to work, and then enough time for personal activities. Make sure your employees are not putting their health aside for their jobs, and encourage them to travel locally and safely.

Jack and Ferdi

What’s In It For Employers?

Take care of your employees’ physical health

Rather than just paying for healthcare expenses, take an active role in keeping your employees healthy. For a thriving business, you need thriving employees.

Studies are showing that the healthier your employees, the more productive and harder working they become. People with relatively high levels of endurance tend to perform better.

Increase healthy behaviors such as dietary and physical activity changes with Jack and Ferdi by providing nice places to eat healthy, running routes and outdoor workout spots.

Help your remote workforce coping with stress

Exercise not only improves physical condition but also provides indispensable, mental health support. A regular workout was shown to ease depression, reduce anxiety and lift mood.

Encourage your employees to meditate with breathtaking outdoor meditation spots and relaxing activities to unwind. Meditation sessions help people to distinguish work from home.

Research has shown the impact of meditation on brain structures like the amygdala and hippocampus, which improves long-term memory, increases our ability to be courageous, and manages emotional stress. J+F has researched hundreds of places to select the ones that are conducive to meditation. J+F has also uncovered welcoming yoga places to help you relax and focus.

Keep your work-from-anywhere workforce safe

Research showed that remote workers’ who switched from work-from-home work conditions to the WFA work output increased by 4.4% after transition to WFA.

By not adopting a work-from-anywhere model or at least an hybrid model, you are in risk of losing your best employees to a company with a more flexible policy. On the flip side, by being an early adopter of this trend and granting geographic flexibility you can attract a lot of talents which will not traditionally move to your company’s legislation because of immigration or cost of living.

Our Jack and Ferdi solutions give real-time information on travel restrictions, safety, emergency numbers and hospitals at destination. With our app, you can provide essential resources and show care to all.

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Support and encourage work/life balance

When employees don’t take time off to take care of their mental state, the overall performance in the workplace drastically declines. Maintaining a good work-life balance is a big deal for employees. In fact, millennials measure career success by looking first at their work-life balance and flexible working arrangements over their salary growth rate. We have found that the vast majority of J+F users are reporting increased levels of satisfaction when it comes to finding a balance between work obligations and personal aspirations.

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Happier employees means higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased talent retention

Happy workplaces make successful businesses. Encouraging wellness practices and a better work life balance make employees happier, which translates into greater productivity for their companies. A recent J+F study found that business travelers’ absenteeism dropped 35% after the usage of J+F over a period of 6 months.

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What’s In It For Employees?

Create healthy habits

Do you experience “Zoom fatigue” or complain of being “Zoomed out” after a long day of meetings? To manage workplace fatigue during COVID 19, the CDC recommends eating healthy foods and staying physically active. Infact, you don't have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits of regular physical activity. Running, hiking or even walking 30 min three times a week at an accelerated pace to show improvements in memory performance and fortify learning.

Jack and Ferdi provides you with the best places to eat healthy, cultural running routes and outdoor spots to exercise.

Don’t struggle with unplugging

Create a healthy routine and stick to it to structure your day-to-day life. Go for a walk outside while you listen to the podcast or new station you’d typically enjoy while driving to work. Getting fresh air to the lungs increases oxygen levels in your brain to boost energy and improve concentration and memory. And don’t feel guilty! A better work life balance leads to higher levels of productivity and performance. So give yourself a break - you’ll feel refreshed and more productive afterwards.

Learn how to work from anywhere

Most of us have to stay home due to COVID-19, but long-term, the whole point of the flexibility that “Work From Home” provides is precisely that you can work from anywhere. Research showed that remote workers’ who switched from work-from-home work conditions to the WFA work output increased by 4.4% after transition to WFA. A WFA policy has many benefits for employees, who can relocate closer to aging parents, to a location with a lower cost of living or explore the world!

J+F helps you travel safely by giving you real time alerts, security information and hospitals at destination.

Plenty of employees development opportunities

J+F helps remote workers optimize their small pockets of free time. Tourist guides are not adapted for digital nomads. We know you are working during the day and want to go straight to the most amazing and authentic culinaries specialities and activities. We have spent thousands of hours to curate the greatest cultural contributions of each city such as unique experiences and local typical specialities.

Get inspired in unique workplaces

We have spent countless hours curating lists of inspiring workplaces that can be used for an entire day or a few hours. We are promising to identify five workplaces per city, whether they are found in cafés, bookshops, or co-working spaces. Amenities, natural light, good coffee, striking design, and a link with the city’s culture are the criteria that have guided us in our curation. There sure are incredibly beautiful workspaces for you and your team to be productive in, thanks to J+F.

Have an impact

J+F is a powerful solution to help support local communities and to shop responsibly. J+F also enables your employees to be aware of social issues at each destination and helps them learn about amazing charities that are addressing pressing problems locally.

Most importantly, J+F allows employers to decide where we should donate 10% of our revenues.