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Business travel is a struggle for many. It negatively impacts the well-being of employees and business productivity. Jack + Ferdi transforms business travel into bleisure travel. Your team’s happiness on the road is at your fingertips. Businesses now turn business travel to their benefit.

The Issue with
Business Travel

  • Health Risks

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that business travelers face different health risks than leisure travelers. Traveling frequently for business leads to assorted physical and behavioral risks for travelers. Usual side-effects of business travel include sleep disorders, stress, isolation, poor eating and drinking habits, and lack of physical exercise.

  • Chronic Diseases

    published study found that these side-effects of business travel can lead to serious chronic diseases such as obesity, alcoholism, depression, and hypertension. There is a strong correlation between high level of business travel and these diseases.

  • Stress, Anxiety, Loss of Confidence

    Several studies have found that stress is ubiquitous within business travelers. Stress is very high in the context of repeated business travel, long-distance travel, lack of predictable travel, and interference with family activities. A drop in confidence in an employee’s ability to keep up with the pace of work has also been observed.

  • Staggering Costs for Employers

    When compounded, these issues trigger huge costs for employers in the form of higher medical claims, absenteeism, short-term disability, and diminished productivity. Loss of motivation for the job and turnover are frequent consequence of poorly managed business travel. 21% of millennial workers say they’ve changed jobs within the past year.

  • Negative Impacts on Business Relationships

    The chain reaction between health risks, acute stress, diseases, and disengagement from the job has the potential to undermine relationships with business partners, clients, and suppliers as customer facing employees bear the brunt of business travel issues.

  • Employers Responsibility

    Business owners and managers have a huge incentive to address these issues. They can implement policies and awareness programs to help employees alleviate stress, remain motivated by their job, and stay healthy on the road. Jack and Ferdi helps employers achieve this goal.

Jack and Ferdi

What’s In It For Employers?

Improved work-life balance

Maintaining a good work-life balance is a big deal for employees. In fact, whether bleisure travel is authorized by employers is a significant question potential hires ask during job interviews. We have found that the vast majority of J + F users are reporting increased levels of satisfaction when it comes to finding a balance between work obligations and personal aspirations on the road.

Healthier employees on the road

Employees must make time for self-care on the road, and employers must alleviate the burden of business travel, as research shows. That is why J+F’s number one mission is to help employees remain active on the road, use valuable healthy tricks, meditate in inspiring places, and relax. Bleisuring with J+F will contribute to reduced travel-related losses of working days and will help lower medical claims.

Happier employees means higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased talent retention

Happy workplaces make successful businesses. Bleisure intensive trips make employees happier, which translates into greater productivity for their companies. A recent J+F study found that business travelers’  absenteeism dropped 35% after the usage of J+F over a period of 6 months.

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Socially responsible corporate travel

A major goal of J+F is to assist employers with creating a positive social impact when they send their employees on business trips. J+F is a powerful solution to help support local communities and to shop responsibly. J+F also enables your employees to be aware of social issues at each destination and helps them learn about amazing charities that are addressing pressing problems locally.

Most importantly, J+F allows employers to decide where we should donate 10% of our revenues.

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Plenty of employees development opportunities

J+F has travelers’ personal growth at heart. The airport-to-taxi-to-hotel-to meeting room-to-taxi-to airport trips are draining and they are a waste of personal development opportunity. J+F makes bleisure trips a reality with tailored recommendations travelers can actually rely on, despite being pressed for time. Whether it’s making incredible food discoveries, visiting the world’s marvels, or learning about a different culture’s social etiquette, J+F amplifies travelers’ personal growth.

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What’s In It For Employees?

Create moments with your clients or teammates around authentic food

Experiences are priceless. They make us happier than owning stuff as HBS professor Mike Norton has found.

Living memorable experiences around food will go a long way. Sharing fine authentic food contributes to creating impactful memories, whether it be with clients, business partners or teammates. J+F has spent thousands of hours uncovering the most authentic culinary inventions that each city in the app have created. These dishes are perfect conversation starters and their scrumptiousness will be one to remember for the ages.

Become worldly, even with little time

Business trips offer plenty of opportunities to engage with the local culture. It is a question of deciding what to do in such a short period of time. That’s a major reason why J+F was created: some experiences should be had in some cities but not in others. J+F cuts through the noise and points travelers to the most culturally significant experiences they can have after their work is done. Social etiquette in bite size formats will also help travelers remain culturally agile and successful.

Travelers will finally have the time for leisure

“I don’t have time for leisure when I am on business” is a statement we’ve heard hundreds of times. We’ve been through this too, since we did not have a tool dedicated to the specific needs of time-starved travelers. J+F offers suggestions that combine leisure and business at the same time: sharing authentic food during your business lunch in a restaurant where a dish was invented is more fun than eating chain food you can have at home. J+F also helps travelers optimize their small pockets of free time—it is way cooler to jog along a beach than it is to work out in a dark, small hotel gym.

Get inspired in unique workplaces

We have spent countless hours curating lists of inspiring workplaces that can be used for an entire day or a few hours. We are promising to identify five workplaces per city, whether they are found in cafés, bookshops, or co-working spaces. Amenities, natural light, good coffee, striking design, and a link with the city’s culture are the criteria that have guided us in our curation. There sure are incredibly beautiful workspaces for you and your team to be productive in, thanks to J+F.

Breathe, meditate …

Travelers should not stop meditating because of a business trip. On the contrary, they should engage in mindful activities to prevent travel-related stress. And if they have not meditated before, a bleisure trip may be an occasion to start. Research has shown the impact of meditation on brain structures like the amygdala and hippocampus, which improves long-term memory, increases our ability to be courageous, and manages emotional stress. J+F has researched hundreds of places to select the ones that are conducive to meditation. J+F has also uncovered welcoming yoga places to help you relax and focus.

Bring back meaningful souvenirs

No more cheap airport souvenirs! We have gone through this too. That’s why J+F strives to discover souvenirs with a strong meaning. What guides us in our search of expert sources is uncovering souvenirs that epitomize the culture of the city while being invented or made locally. J+F ultimate goal is to help travelers support the local economy, or pay tribute to outstanding local craftsmanship. J+F wants to help you shop and do good at the same time. Our experience shows that travelers not only can bring back souvenirs, but also fascinating stories to tell back home.

Who is the business traveler?

  • They are always in a hurry

    They have a busy schedule and limited free time. They are always on the move.

  • They want leisure time

    78% of business travelers admit that adding leisure time to their business trips adds value to their work.

  • They ask for a healthier lifestyle

    They need time for self-care through a healthy diet, time for personal development, and workout routine.

  • They care about its social impact

    75% of business travelers seek to have a positive social impact.

  • They ask for authenticity

    They need a full cultural immersion and want to live unique experiences.

Keep your employees traveling

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