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Our Story

We have experienced the potential negative impacts of business travel. We have seen it on ourselves, and we have seen on our teammates and employees. Our co-founder Anne-Fleur traveled more than 80,000 miles in two years : almost three trips around the globe. The fatigue and lack of exercise seriously impacted her health, and she started to lose her motivation for the job. After flying to almost all continents without seeing much of the local culture, our co-founder Romain decided to improve his work-life balance on the road. We also realized that we were far happier and more productive after a business trip that included time for ourselves.

So we started to wonder: what if we had a mobile app dedicated to the needs of today’s bleisure travelers? An app that would both help us take care of our health and perform for our company. An app that would cut through the noise and focus on what’s important to each traveler. An app that would point us towards the most quintessential experiences so we can embrace the local cultures.

That’s why we created Jack and Ferdi, an app that businesses can hand to their employees so they can be happier, healthier, and more culturally agile. We are committed to helping you seize the full potential of your bleisure trips with geolocalized, expert suggestions that are free of commercial bias, and suited to travelers’ preferences and time constraints.

Our passion for travel and geographic discoveries influenced the search of our company name.

Jack: it's a reference to the great explorer Jacques Cartier, the first European to navigate the St Lawrence river. It's also a nod to our French roots !

Ferdi: this nickname is inspired by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, who discovered the channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans oceans in southern Chile, which was named after him: the Straight of Magellan.