All organizations seeking to support their traveling employees are adopting Jack + Ferdi to enable their employees to improve their work-life balance.

Better work life balance, increased performance and personal growth are frequently reported by Jack and Ferdi users.

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J+F for Businesses

We’re here to help you keep your remote workers healthy and engaged.

Any company with a focus on the health, growth and performance of their employees will benefit from Jack and Ferdi. Support your remote workers, and give your employees the power to attain a better work-life balance, healthy habits and increase productivity.

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J+F for Corp. Travel Agents

If you are seeking to capture the massive trend of bleisure, we are here to help you provide outstanding customer service with traveler-centric bleisure recommendations in the main business travel destinations worldwide.

With our our web-based solution, you will easily create profiles for your clients and your clients’ travelers, and generate traveler-centric recommendations.

Or, with our API, integrate Jack and Ferdi seamlessly in your own web or mobile interface.

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J+F for API Partners

Through our API program, J+F integrates seamlessly with web and mobile applications of the travel and mobility industry. Our bleisure-focused solution is accessible through white label distribution agreements.

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