How does J+F make you happier and more productive at work?

White Paper

How does J+F make you happier and more productive at work? by Jack and Ferdi

This research was conducted by Jack and Ferdi to measure the impact of Bleisure Travel on Employees’ Happiness, Performance and Absenteeism.


This survey aims at evaluating the impact of employees’ engagement in bleisure activities while on a business trip on the account of their employers. Specifically, we are measuring whether dedicating time for strictly personal activities on a business trip resulted in:

  • a better work-life balance during the trip
  • an increased wellbeing upon the return of a business trip,
  • a perceived increased work performance 2 weeks after the return and
  • lower absenteeism.

Survey Context

ICES BTP, a France-based leading engineering firm in the construction industry, is frequently sending executives and employees on the road to follow leads, supervise construction projects, meet with partners and subcontractors.

During the study, common destinations for ICES staff members were Toulouse, Marseille, Paris, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, which were all covered in Jack and Ferdi.