3 Hours in Madrid


3 Hours in Madrid by Jack and Ferdi

3 Hours in Madrid

¡Hola! Welcome to the Madrid Itinerary! Spain's capital is one of the greenest cities in all of Europe offering a great selection of natural parks and vegetation throughout the city. With the perfect balance between urban and relaxing environments, Madrid makes for an extraordinary city to visit during your bleisure trip!

Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is perhaps the most popular site in Madrid. As you walk around the red and yellow buildings surrounding the area, you will find historical sculptures - the most famous of them being a statue of a bear picking at a strawberry tree. Throughout this plaza, various forms of entertainment are available: from energetic street performers to tasteful restaurants to fun places to shop. Whether you are in the mood to watch an outdoor performance, indulge in some tapas, or buy a little souvenir to take back home, Puerta del Sol has it all! 

San Antonio de los Alemanes

A 9 minute walk North of the Puerta del Sol will lead you to your next destination. San Antonio de los Alemanes is a 17th-century Baroque style church. Wherever your eye takes you, you will observe gold accents, murals, paintings, and sculptures from top to bottom, to left and right. 

The church was built in the 1620s-1630s by King Felipe III along with a sanctuary and hospital for Portuguese migrants who relocated to Madrid when Portugal was under Spanish rule. Originally, this church was called Hospital de los Portugueses (Hospital for the Portuguese), however, when Portugal gained independence, it became dedicated to the German refugees, therefore, it is now named San Antonio de los Alemanes (San Antonio of the German).


One of Madrid's best rated coworking spaces is only 7 minutes away from your previous stop. Espiritu23 has an informal, creative vibe - the office space has an exposed-brick aesthetic, and the cafe area is adorned with murals reminiscent of graffiti art and tattoo designs. Ideal for art lovers, this coworking space will bring you closer to the work of local Madrid artists and help spark new ideas!

Bocadillo de calamares

Round out your day with one of Madrid's fundamental eating experiences - Bocadillo de Calamares, or squid sandwich. Visit one of the casual restaurants around Plaza Mayor or Puerta del Sol in the city center to enjoy this mouthwatering specialty which consists of squid rings layered into a fresh, crusty segment of baguette.

Your Madrid itinerary is now completed. In just three hours you were able to experience the local cuisine, get familiar with the local artists, spark creativity, and visit Madrid's historical landmarks.

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