Bleisure is the future of Business Travel


Bleisure is the future of Business Travel by Jack and Ferdi

The Growing Bleisure Travel Trend

Millennials have largely embraced bleisure travel, which is the blending of leisure activities within business trips. In a recent study led by National Car Rental, 90% of millennials have engaged in bleisure travel. Expedia has found that almost half of business trips turn into bleisure trips. Skift observe that 3 in 4 business travelers have added leisure days to business trips.

Why Are Employees Engaging in The Bleisure Trend?

Bleisure travelers have long understood that bleisure makes them happierStudies show that road warriors are significantly more likely to suffer from a slew of health problems and interpersonal stress on account of their frequent travel. 44% of professionals are more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods and 55% are less likely to exercise while on a business trip.

In fact, bleisure travelers report better work life balance on the road, and an increased focus on self-care, healthy eating habits and good doses of physical exercise. Bleisure trips are meaningful trips.

Businesses That Enable Bleisure Travel Win Big

The benefits for business owners are numerous. Worldly, relaxed, healthier employees are just most productive than stressed out, unhealthy, unmotivated ones. It is a nearly free way to offer a very valuable benefit since companies still pay for airfare. What’s more, companies can avoid paying for leisure expenses with a clear bleisure travel policy. They can also save money on airfare by optimizing travel dates to accommodate bleisure days.

The Jack and Ferdi Value

With J+F, bleisure travelers finally have a streamlined bleisure-focused travel guide, purchased by their employers, that aims to address their bleisure-specific needs: staying healthy, growing personally, being agile and productive anywhere. Businesses enable and leverage bleisure travel to their advantage as they get a solid return in terms of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower medical claims.


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