The State of Bleisure.


The State of Bleisure. by Jack and Ferdi
1. Bleisure is the blending of leisure activities within business trips.
2. Two-thirds of employees traveling for business value the ability to bleisure travel.
3. Healthy eating leads to better health and wellbeing during bleisure travel.
4. One in six hotel bookings reserved for business trips include a Saturday night stay.
5. 89 percent of business travelers say they are likely or moderately likely to extend a work
trip for bleisure travel.
6. 60% of all U.S. business trips are extended for bleisure travel.
7. The 60% extension rate of business trips for bleisure travel demonstrates a 40%
increase in bleisure travel since 2016.
8. 38% of the bleisure travelers are millennials.
9. Millennials are the most likely demographic group to embrace bleisure travel.
10. Millennials have largely embraced bleisure travel.
11. One half of the bleisure travelers take a travel companion with them while traveling for
12. Common companions while traveling for business usually include significant others,
family members, or friends.
13. By incorporating bleisure travel into business trips, employees achieve a higher work-life
balance, health, and happiness. And happy employees do a better job.
14. Bleisure travel is defined as “the activity of combining business travel with leisure time.”
15. Employee’s well-being benefits in the workplace from healthy bleisure travel.