The value of a productive business traveler


The value of a productive business traveler by Jack and Ferdi

Having a motivated and happy business traveler positively impacts business productivity, which ultimately generates more profit for the prospective company. It is proven that every dollar spent on a business trip brings $12.50 of incremental revenue. Having business travels, especially a happy business traveler, is so important to the point where the average business in the United States would forfeit 17% of its profit in the first year of eliminating business travel. Also, executives and business travelers estimate that 8% of current business would be lost without the in-person interactions that are included during a business trip, and a potential client is more than twice as likely to become a new customer with in-person meetings. It is believed that roughly 40% of prospective customers are converted to new customers during in-person meetings compared to 16% without such a meeting, which makes business travel more valuable. 

On average, a 10% increase in business travel leads to an increase in patenting by around 0.2%, and inward business travel is about ¼ as potent for innovation as domestic R&D spending in the United States. Overall, once a company converts business travel into a bleisure friendly experience, their employees become more productive, and they become more profitable and successful. 

The value of a productive business traveler. Having a motivated business traveler on the road impacts business productivity.