How to be eco-friendly while working from home?


How to be eco-friendly while working from home? by Jack and Ferdi
As most of them are working remotely, the Jack and Ferdi team came up with the idea of gathering best practices and creating a guide to take more conscious decisions and to create a sustainable home workspace!

While some of the green changes you have already implemented by skipping the commute to the office are obvious, there are plenty of other daily choices you can make to contribute to the environment.

To get started, allocate what the office supplies are that you simply can not work without. Once you have a complete list, refer to J+F eco - friendly checklist and opt for sustainable solutions that will support green businesses. Our list of environmentally - preferred vendors who offer non - toxic cleaners, recycled paper, eco - friendly pens and paperless notebooks are an excellent start point!

Additionally, our checklist will provide you with valuable information on how to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, extend the life of your electronic devices, and ultimately - adopt healthier habits. 

We strongly encourages fellow remote workers and environmentally - minded colleagues around the globe to download the check-list and share with your employees, friends and coworkers!