The Best Hotel Chains To Take a Workation in 2021


The Best Hotel Chains To Take a Workation in 2021 by Jack and Ferdi

Working from home has numerous benefits — skip the commute, work in pj’s, toss in a load of laundry over lunch. But it can also become...monotonous, as you shuffle back and forth between your office and kitchen throughout the day. 

As the initial fun fades, spice things up with a workation at one of these hotel chains that cater to remote workers. A well-planned workation benefits your overall wellbeing, which according to is “a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity”. Who’s not on board for that! 

Scheduling a workation at a reputable chain hotel can offer some added perks to amplify your trip. Ready to trade your fake beach scene Zoom background for the real deal? Taking a workaction can lead you to the beach, forest, lake, or desert without getting behind on your to-do list. 

Here are 3 of the best hotel chains to review when planning your workation. Workation, bleisure, travel and leisure, business travel — whatever you want to call it, these hotels can help you make the most of your time away from your home office!

The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts

The Four Seasons is known for its spacious, up-scale hotel experience. Their luxurious furniture and dining space make hanging out in the room enjoyable — you might even feel like you're at home. But let’s face it, once your work is done, you want to bust out and enjoy all the area has to offer.

Beyond the room, we love that many of The Four Seasons Hotel locations have perfectly manicured outdoor space — perfect for roaming, meditation, and relaxation. Each location is certainly unique, here are a few specific US locations you’ll want to check out:

  • Chicago, IL: self-described as “A vibrant hub of culture, style, and energy”.
  • Scottsdale, AZ: Offering “Locally inspired spa treatments, a bi-level pool and authentic Southwest cuisine (to) fulfill your dreams (of) a relaxing desert escape”.
  • Miami, FL: Close your eyes and picture this, hammocks hung from palm trees over shallow waters just past a large pool surrounded by lounge chairs.

We’re guessing at least one of those had you saying ‘yes, please!’. The Four Seasons is the hotel for those looking for a bit of rejuvenation, relaxation, and pampering on their workation. The spa services are unmatched. Most of their locations have an in-house spa or they’ll even bring certain services right to your room.

Focusing on health and wellbeing is easy when you’re at The Four Seasons with their state-of-the-art workout facilities. The Miami location even gives guests complimentary access to an exclusive fitness facility and its classes. The Four Seasons Hotel is perfect for solo travelers or a couple’s workation retreat for people who want to unwind after clocking out.


The Hyatt has shifted their mindset about amenities to focus on business travelers. They understand that many are working remotely but still want to get away, with confidence. That confidence comes with knowing you’ll have a clean space, top-level workstations, and opportunities for making memories for the whole family.

Choosing a good hotel can reduce stress if you have concerns over good wifi, ample space, a place to meet with others. The Hyatt checks all the boxes so you can travel with confidence and rest assured you’ll have the tools and space needed to remain productive. The Hyatt has recently started offering private workspaces and even a complimentary second room at their Destination Residences locations.

This is especially nice when traveling with others. Enjoy peace and quiet and gain the ability to close the door on your work when you’re done for the day. Some separation between work and play will help you disconnect and be more present once you head out for cocktails or out for a hike.

The Hyatt brand operates under numerous names. Here are a few of their top contenders around the country falling into a category they call ‘Work from Hyatt’ destinations:
  • Lost Pines, TX: Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa
  • Scottsdale, AZ: Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch 
  • Vail, CO: Grand Hyatt Vail 
  • Carmel, CA: Carmel Valley Ranch
  • Santa Barbara, CA: Mar Monte Hotel
Thanks to the ample amount of space they offer works and the options for entertaining the whole family — Hyatt’s are perfect for families and those hosting an on-site event or meeting.


Marriott Bonvoy is a Marriott program dedicated to working nomads, telecommuters, and corporate travelers. Their slogan is “Welcome to your new out of office”. This program breaks all the rules of a standard hotel stay providing greater flexibility when planning a workation.

The great thing about bleisure is you can customize it to fit your needs and schedule. It’s clear Marriott understands this frame of mind. Here’s an overview of the 3 primary ways to plan a workation with Marriott.
  • Day Pass. Need to get out of the house for the day? Would a change of scenery allow you to tap into your creative side? Whatever your reasoning, a day away is possible with Marriott’s Day Pass, allowing people to use a room between 6 am and 6 pm, without spending the night.
  • Stay Pass. A workations typically involves spending at least 1 night away from home. For short trips, consider the Stay Pass — allowing you extended hours beyond the industry standard check-in and check-out time. This allows you to dedicate the necessary time you need to work while not feeling rushed when it’s time to unwind and enjoy the hotel’s amenities or the local area.
  • Play Pass. When you're dedicated to unplugging and taking some true vacation time during your workation, the Play Pass is the way to go. This program offers supervised kids activities, semi-private workstations, and on-property business amenities such as a printing station, fax machine, and scanning capabilities. You won’t miss a beat and the efficient work setting will leave more time for fun. 

    Marriot’s are perfect for families, especially those with young kids. We also like that their various hotel lines can fit into any budget. Look for their Premium brand under Westin, Renaissance Hotels, and Sheraton. And for a more economical workation see their Select locations such as Courtyard, aLoft, and Four Points.

    Plan your 2021 workation

    Chain hotels offer amenities that make business travel manageable while also looking out for your overall wellbeing. Another benefit business travelers find in staying at a chain hotel is the rewards. While each program is unique, almost all chain hotels offer rewards programs for frequent visitors. 

    The 3 hotel chains we’ve highlighted offer locations across the country, cater to various budgets, and understand the work-life balance needs of business travelers 2021. These traits make them more than suitable hosts for your next workation. When you’re ready to trade your daily walk to the mailbox for a walk to the pool, check out these reputable hotel chains to book your next workation.

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