Episode 1: Healthy Jet Lag Solutions with Christopher Babayode


Episode 1: Healthy Jet Lag Solutions with Christopher Babayode by Jack and Ferdi
Fighting Jet Lag with Christopher Babayode

Sleep deprivation and jet lag are known to be an occupational hazard in the world of frequent flying. A single transatlantic flight is shown to reduce the productivity of the traveler and cause significant financial losses: CWT found that travelers can experience stress for as much as "6.9 hours per trip" as measured in "lost time, or time unavailable to travelers to work or rest." which translates to a financial loss of $662 per trip, according to CWT's calculations.

During our very first episode of the Conversation Series "Well-being At Work", we had the pleasure of speaking with Christopher Babayode who is a naturopathically trained nutritional therapist, Travel Wellness Expert, and author of the book “Farewell Jet Lag”.

Having spent 20 years in the fast-paced high-stress world of frequent flying covering more than 1.2 million miles visiting over 45 countries, as both a crew member and Wellness and Inclusions Advisor at British Airways, Christopher acquired the knowledge and expertise on flying healthily long-term.

Christopher's tools for maintaining productivity and health long-term are driven by pragmatic, experience-led, and scientific approaches.

This episode will give you the key insights in protecting yourself in the flying environment, the importance of hydrating and acclimatizing to the new timezone/geographical location, practical tools to combat jet lag symptoms and acquire a better sleep quality through a better understanding of the circadian rhythm and light exposure.
Companies and travel managers will learn more about the importance of implementing a successful well-being program to support traveling employees and improving their duty of care policies, while individuals and business travelers will learn practical hacks to cope with constant flying, manage travel anxiety and foster healthier habits.

Christopher’s experience gained in the aviation and travel wellness field helps his clients travel well and sleep well regardless of how hectic their schedule is.