Episode 3: Empowering Business Travelers with Sahara Rose De Vore


Episode 3: Empowering Business Travelers with Sahara Rose De Vore by Jack and Ferdi
The travel industry is ever-evolving - whether it is for the purpose of creating more meaningful and transformative experiences, changing safety protocols during challenging times, or adding more technological solutions to the offering, one thing is certain - the need for the traveler's well-being has never been more important.

According to The Travel Coach Network, finding a deeper reason for why people are traveling, making them feel understood and connected, and putting more power into their hands will take the travel and hospitality industry from a place of adventure, luxury, and fun to a place of meaning, purpose, passion, and evolution.

In the 3rd episode of the Conversation Series "Well-being At Work", we had the pleasure to speak with Sahara Rose De Vore, a Wellness Travel Coach and Consultant, a CEO of The Travel Coach Network, and a creator of Travel Coach Certification Program™.

Her approach to business travel and corporate wellness is helping companies and travelers achieve their desired personal, wellbeing, and professional outcomes and transformations through intuitive and intentional travel.

In this episode, we are speaking about Travel Coaching and what led Sahara Rose to the path of becoming a pioneer in the industry, and the importance of well-being for road warriors, remote workers, travel managers, or just about any professional in the realm of travel and hospitality.

Discover the key points of the travel coaching framework, the benefits of bleisure for both employees and companies, the implementation of wellness to the travel policies, and key takeaways for travel managers who are looking for solutions for when the business travel returns.

Sahara Rose was a 2019 nominee by career-changing women in the travel industry for a rising female leader, best female coach, and best innovative trailblazer. She visited 84 countries by the age of 31.