Episode 4: Increase Productivity and Establish a Good Work-Life Balance with Marcey Rader


Episode 4: Increase Productivity and Establish a Good Work-Life Balance with Marcey Rader by Jack and Ferdi
The latest studies have shown that remote work (or work-from-anywhere) trend yielded numerous positive changes among employees and businesses, however, there are certain stressors brought on by COVID-19 which include working longer hours, compromised work-life balance, job insecurity, caring for children in the absence of school/after school activities, lack of human connection, and adapting to the new ways of working. With the proper support, employees are more likely to take up the challenge, embrace healthier habits, increase productivity and have a sense of purpose and focus when working remotely or anywhere in the world.

"Being productive and healthy doesn't require extreme self-discipline and willpower. It takes commitment, knowledge, support, and behavior change. It takes the right systems to save ourselves from ourselves. It takes proper habits sustainably built over time." 

Marcey Rader strongly believes health powers productivity. She is a multi-certified health and productivity expert, a three-time bestselling author, and an award-winning, global keynote speaker. As the founder of Rader Co., Marcey helps executives, teams, and individuals banish burnout, keep good people, and move forward through practical, tailored tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and coaching accountability.
In this episode, we asked Marcey Rader to help companies and employers better understand the negative consequences that come along with corporate travel, help remote workers, business travelers, and digital nomads obtain a better balance between work and personal life, increase productivity, foster healthier practices while working remotely, and create a healthy home office that will boost your energy and spark inspiration.