Episode 5: The Benefits of Music and Exercise for Business Travelers with Alan Harvey


Episode 5: The Benefits of Music and Exercise for Business Travelers with Alan Harvey by Jack and Ferdi
Music and exercise are long-known to reduce stress, alleviate disease, and improve our overall well-being. As a fundamental attribute to human species, music stimulates the brain centers for pleasure and reward, while dance serves as an activator of motor and sensory circuits.

In preparation for long flights or lengthy road trips, many travelers invest a good amount of time selecting their favorite songs and compiling them to playlists that will later serve as reminiscence of their travel experience and evoke good memories. With this in mind, J+F offers curated music playlists for it's app users that will bring travelers closer to the destination they are visiting and help create a unique travel experience. How can listening to music improve traveler's well-being and what happens in our brain when we combine it with dancing?

In this episode of the Conversation Series "Well-Being At Work", we are speaking with Alan Harvey, an Emeritus Professor at The University of Western Australia and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science. Professor Harvey is a neuroscientist with a lifelong interest in music.

This episode will give you key insights in how listening to music triggers areas of the brain associated with social interaction, empathy, altruism; how it helps us understand the social context in which we are when we travel, and how dance can be a significant tool to improve individual health and mental well-being.

Professor Harvey has performed as a solo artist and in various folk and rock bands. In 2017, his book "Music, Evolution, and the Harmony of Souls" was published by Oxford University Press, bringing together his musical and neuroscientific interests, exploring music throughout human evolution and emphasising its importance for human welfare.