Episode 6: Stay Healthy on the Road with John Ayo


Episode 6: Stay Healthy on the Road with John Ayo by Jack and Ferdi

In the post pandemic era, it seems that it has never been more important for employers and companies to further support a culture of employee's well-being and mitigate risks/consequences of frequent business travel by bringing proper training and tools to their workplace. In a study conducted by J+F and Qualtrics XM in April, 2021, it is indicated that 85% of travel managers stated that the importance of business travelers' well-being will increase as a priority in their travel program in 2021 compared to pre-COVID 19.

In this episode, we interviewed John Ayo, a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author and Traditional Naturopath, focused on inspiring and empowering professionals to stay energized, healthy and balanced, both at home and while traveling. He has traveled to more than 26 countries with IBM for over 30 years as a road warrior and sales executive. John has taught more than 4,000 people his actionable travel tips and stress management tools.

Travel managers and companies will get an insight in the importance of investing resources into their travel programs, understand the effects of bleisure-friendly policies, and learn how to help their traveling employees travel stress-free.

Business travelers, remote workers and digital nomads will have an opportunity to learn practical tips for overcoming travel anxiety and stress, increasing their energy, and fostering mindfulness practices.