The Benefits of a Global Mindset


The Benefits of a Global Mindset by Jack and Ferdi

As technology moves our world forward, countries all around the globe become increasingly intertwined, whether it’s for political, environmental, or economic reasons. With this in mind, the importance of doing business with companies that belong to different borders is crucial, and this has called for a review of companies’ operation. To maintain a prosperous future while conducting foreign business, companies must switch their mindset from one that prioritizes their culture to have a global mindset. 

Companies that implement a global mindset in their business practices have embedded techniques that allow the mindset of their employees to be open to foreign cultures, and this takes time and money. So why is it beneficial for a company to invest time and money when they can easily just state that they are cultured? According to a survey of 1,400 companies across the globe, eighty-two percent of them rated their international component of the business to be highly significant, and forty-five percent said they spend more than half of their time on international trade. Due to this information, it’s safe to say that a majority of global companies feel that international relations are crucial to being successful, and they spend nearly half of their time on creating foreign partners. Now, as a company, it would be in your benefit to stress having a global mindset, but it doesn’t benefit them unless there is change. For this to happen, a company must adapt to cultural differences, and reward employees that prioritize and enforce this mindset in their perspective environment. 

Overall, companies that promote a global mindset are known as overachieving companies, ones that take measures that go beyond what’s required, and ultimately allows them to be more successful. Companies should crave this title because it helps with business, regardless if it is domestic or international, and it draws in prospective employees. Companies that are known to be overachieving is desirable to potential clients because it reassures that they’re going into business with an efficient company that longs to make a more inclusive work environment and understanding. Not only does this increase clients’ happiness, but they are more likely to continue doing business with that company. When attracting future employees, is known as an overachieving company is beneficial because it portrays that the work environment created is a safe and understanding one, which appeals to young and success-hungry employees. Also, it allows people from all different backgrounds to feel comfortable with working in the environment given. All of these factors will enable a company to have longer and more lucrative business relations. 

As previously mentioned, it isn’t easy for a company to apply a global mindset to their business model. It’s a long process that contains rigorous training steps to be taken, and the right team of people to promote cultural education. Luckily, there are four tips to catalyze the process of making a company expand there a global mindset to benefit from it. Firstly, a company must recognize how culturally aware they currently are or if they don’t already promote having a global mindset. This is typically the first and most meaningful step because it allows a company to assess what they are currently doing right and what they need to improve on. Don’t worry if your business has a long road ahead of them before becoming an overachieving company; it’s never too late to start moving in the right direction.

Additionally, a company needs to study other cultures’ business habits and incorporate key takeaways into your business. Successful companies are ones that can adapt based on the customer to make their product and services more appealing. Another tip is to encourage employees to approach business with a global mindset. This doesn’t only make your employee more successful, but they portray the company as inclusive and thoughtful of other cultures. Lastly, create multicultural/culture conscient teams within the company. These teams will create more success across borders, and people from different backgrounds will bring out the best in their peers.

The only companies that don’t benefit from prioritizing a global mindset are the ones that don’t believe it’s crucial to have. The studies show that businesses with a global mindset are more lucrative, especially since they do business with clients across borders. Why should a company lack in success when the tips and tools are right in front of them? Be proactive, and start researching the business cultures of other countries, and start being more successful.

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