The Perfect Retreat: Team-Building Trips


The Perfect Retreat: Team-Building Trips by Jack and Ferdi

Accompanying the rapidly digitalizing projects and independent work environments is the importance of bonding activities between coworkers that boost productivity and employee satisfaction; the attractive option of company-wide offsite trips, then, serves as both an essential catalyst for employee engagement and a great way to plan bleisure activities for HRs.

Why It Matters

While it might seem counterproductive at first, team-building travels can be extremely beneficial to perk up productivity among fatigued workers. With the chance to wind off and casually engage with their coworkers in a comfortable environment, employees have been reported to feel more engaged and productive; as a result, corporations with happy workers can actually earn up 150% more than companies with stressed and disengaged employees, marking the significance of team-building opportunities.

On the other hand, an occasional trip is also used to propel relationships between employees. Collaborative games and activities can be a great way to build trust and respect, while the presence of unifying experiences can grow a sense of familiarity across different sectors and jobs. With millennials dominating the workforce, expectations surrounding social benefits are at an all-time high; therefore, an enhanced community can notably improve worker satisfaction levels and help the company’s reputation in the long term.

What to Do

The agenda for trips can vary from company to company, but they all share the same end goal of promoting engagement and communication.

đź’ˇ Here are 8 ideas for activities that can be incorporated in the trips easily:

1. Taking a class together: Acquiring knowledge or experience together can reinforce relationships, so a good way to boost team spirit is to take a class together. On one hand, workers can take classes relevant to their job (such as communication or technology briefings). Another option would be exploring a different field altogether by spending a day learning about interesting fields such as photography, history, theater, or food.

2. Going on a quick tour: There’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new city or location with your team members, and a quick tour can achieve just that.

The J+F app has a library of 120-minute itineraries covering a variety of locations; that way, even if your team is on the go, you can still bond over a foreign destination’s attractions. 

 3. Play simple games: If you’d prefer a quicker and less complicated method for team-building, consider hosting an activity that would engage all of your workers such as a scavenger hunt or bingo. Even basic games like completing a group trivia or counting to 20 collectively can stimulate conversation and strengthen the dynamic between team members.

4. Unwind with the group: For stressed employees, the best idea might be offering an opportunity for relaxation. The J+F App pinpoints great meditation spots or spa centers all across the world, so no matter where your trip takes you, workers can unwind together by doing group meditations or reserving treatments at the local spa.

5. Share an unforgettable experience: A daring or quirky activity might be just what your employees need to tighten their bonds. Working through challenges in an escape room, going on a bike ride across the busiest section of a metropolis, or enjoying a wine-tasting session are all unique ways that capture the attention of coworkers and leave a long-lasting impression in their minds.

6. Bond over sports: If your team consist of athletes or sport enthusiasts, try introducing regular tournaments or sport challenges that would encourage some healthy competition as well as incorporate the strong spirit of sport teams within the workforce.

7. Engage in social work: Given that most millennials care immensely about the social impact of their company, a popular offsite activity is engaging in some form of social work. For example, volunteering at a local charity or hosting a fundraiser can be meaningful way to promote the foundational values of your company and attract potential employees; not only that, the shared responsibility of social project can strengthen internal relationships between team members.

Work-Fun Balance

Other than bleisure, a good environment for workers to complete their tasks during the trip should also be considered. Coworking spaces are incredibly important because of that, as a stable Wi-Fi connection and a quiet place for employees to concentrate can maximize productivity and satisfaction.

The J+F App not only provides an extensive collection of coworking spaces that you can visit during your trip, it also includes information on the etiquette of your host country as well as fun facts surrounding the work environment of that destination.

The rise of individualized work environments highlights the significance of team-building trips and activities, which ensures the best outcome for workers and companies alike. When planning for the next bleisure event, HRs and travel managers might find great value in offsite travel and bonding activities.

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