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Cloud Storage / Online Storage

Cloud storage allows companies to store large data online using very minimal space. Data is stored in the cloud far from the hard drives. Even though you will still need a PC you don't have to invest in expensive computing software to use the cloud storage services.

How does cloud storage work? With storage that is cloud-based, your store and sync your data in an online server. It’s like renting a small section of the server which is owned by the server provider. As a company you need to have a PC, and an installed code. The code will be watching all new files and have them stored in designated files. Once the files are stored the code initiates an automatic synching process. The new data is then uploaded over your specific internet connection onto the server you have been provided by your server provider. From your server, the data is then downloaded to all the computers of your company which is connected to your company’s server. The files can then be accessed with any staff from the company who has been granted the access code.

The best thing about cloud storage is that the data is backed out of the traditional office. Should there be an incident where your hard drive is damaged, you can still access the data from the online cloud storage.