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Collaborative System

This refers to an information system used by a company in facilitating the efficient sharing of information, documents, files, and data between employees and various teams in the organization. In a collaborative system, multiple agents or users are engaging in one shared activity but from different locations. Remote teams tend to use the collaborative system in carrying out business operations and fulfilling their job roles. There is a coordinated sharing of information between team members. Interactive and timely communication between every person in the interactive system.

Collaborative systems can be used to detect risks in a company. A risk is an unwanted incident that causes a company to incur losses. When handling a collaborative risk management strategy the employees collaborate seamlessly to find out any impending risks and how they can be managed promptly without interrupting the activities of the company.  People operating in a collaborative system depend so much on collaborative software and tools. With these tools, they can create a collaborative working environment. People who work in a collaborative working environment are known as e-professionals.