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Communication Etiquette Remote Work

It’s important to have communication etiquette when communicating with your colleagues at work. When working remotely, you have to communicate 24/7 with your colleagues, and this can be very tasking and exhausting. While most people are mastering working from home, it’s important to take into consideration communication etiquette as one of the skills you would like to perfect.

When communicating with your remote colleagues, you can use any of the following communication platforms: instant messaging (IM), emails, phone calls, video calls, and video conferencing. It’s very crucial to know which communication channel is relevant when relaying a certain message. When picking a communication channel it’s important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The urgency of the message.
  • Limited time frame with regards to the response.
  • The detail/ explanation of the message.
  • The hierarchy, who is your recipient?

It’s important to note that every person has their most preferred communication channel especially by the management. Below are important tips to improve your communication etiquette when working from home:

  • Call, instant message, and/or video chat with your colleagues as often as possible.
  • Take into consideration the different time zones
  • Have a structured working schedule.
  • Communicate everything.
  • Always update your status.