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Cultural Agility

Cultural agility refers to the ability of both employer and employee to fully understand the multiple work contexts and values, and fully utilize them to obtain maximum business results. Remote work culture is connection felt by coworkers when they are professionally bonded by similar objectives, attitudes and priorities. This feeling is very important since remote work denies coworkers the comfort of face to face social interaction. However a strong work culture will give coworkers a strong sense of belonging. As a HR supervisor having a cultural agility among your staff will strengthen team bonds remotely by enhancing communication, building trust and deepening relationships.

When thinking about coming up with a good remote work culture it’s important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Values of the company
  • How the values are communicated and enacted.
  • How people in the company get together

The best cultural agility must be able to bridge the new communication gaps, this can be done by using the right communication tools for your remote team. You can also come up with social get together meetings where members can still have fun remotely with their colleagues. This will encourage diversity and culture inclusion.


Cultural Agility