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Distributed Team

A distributed team is a group of workers working for one company but then the employees are located in different locations. A distributed team will consist of a group of remote workers who are distributed in different cities and/or countries. However, there are instances when distributed teams also include people working from an office setting and/ or a remote setting. People In a distributed team have the comfort of working from any geographical location. They can be digital nomads, remote workers working from home or a cow working space, or someone working from a traditional office setting. The main focus is that the workers are distributed away from each other.

Distributed team members rarely see each other in the same geographical location. Distributed team works in a distributed team environment, which is also referred to as a blended work model. The blended work model has both onsite and offsite employees. There are different working schedules to accommodate the off site staff, this encourages constant interaction regardless of different time zones. The distributed team combines the concept of both physical and digital work settings to improve productivity.