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Future of Work

Major work trends have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. HR supervisors have been forced to make serious adjustments when it comes to the workplace, planning, managing, and experience strategies for staff improvement. Large scale shifts have changed how people are working and how business operations are run. Future work has the following trends:

  • Embracing remote work while shifting performance objectives.
  • Expanded workplace data collection through tracking productivity, and monitoring employee engagement.
  • Focusing on the personal factors of employees which affect their work productivity.

The future of work plays an important role in preparing the future generation for employment.  The impact of the internet and technology advancements have played an important role in boosting digital skills. The modern workplace setting is embracing automation processes and creativity. More organizations are now focusing on staff retention, education, and digital workplace tools, this focuses on creativity.  Companies are likely to retain creative individuals in the workplace, especially if they can use different digital workplace tools and software.

Effective combination of creativity and automation is one of the core skills HR looks for especially when considering remote work.


Future of Work