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Happy Hour

Happy hour is a time after work where co workers get to mingle. Happy hour usually starts from 4 pm to 7 pm. During this time coworkers get to mingle and socialize, alcohol drinking is a standard requirement, which helps workers to relax and unwind. While happy hour works effectively for people working from one geographical location, remote workers can also enjoy happy hour.

As a supervisor, it's important to note that happy hours can be very effective when it comes to employee interaction. Workers can celebrate successes during happy hour and also strategize on how to overcome work challenges. When considering a happy hour for the remote workplace it's important to consider fun settings that every worker can take part in.

Virtual happy hour enables online social interaction for remote workers. You don't have to focus on having drinks but there are plenty of online options when hosting virtual happy hour. Look for activities, which are fun and engaging for the whole team. As a supervisor, it's important to give your employees the resources they need to enjoy a virtual happy hour. Participation should be highly encouraged but not mandatory.