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Hybrid Teams

This is a team of workers working for an organization. It’s made up of staff both working from an office and those working remotely. Companies are now embracing hybrid teams since staff enjoys the flexibility of coming to the office or working from any geographical location which works best for them. Employees enjoy flexible work location depending on their personal preferences and work responsibilities.

As a supervisor managing a hybrid team can be very challenging since you have in-office staff and off site staff. You have to be very flexible and treat everyone fairly despite the different working conditions. Since hybrid teams are geographically distributed the supervisors face several changes like communication, coordination issues, and team management. It's important to create and set expectations for your team, and affirm the working culture of the organization regardless of one's work location. As a supervisor try to create a working environment where each employee will be able to be at their best when fulfilling their various work responsibilities. Make sure you observe any signs of burnout from your team, if a team member informs you they are overwhelmed it's important to help them out to refresh. Be very inclusive with your team members with work-related expectations and objectives.