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Remote Work Routine

With an office setting, every worker finds it easier to follow the set working schedule. This natural structure of a working environment is not available when you are working remotely. This doesn't mean you can't come up with a similar or a more productive working routine. If you have a working routine, which offers correct appropriate business boundaries will play an important role in work efficiency.

When coming up with a remote working routine take into consideration the regular start and regular end times for workdays, which have been set by your supervisor. Also, consider the expected working days. Then clearly communicate your working hours and availability to both your supervisors and colleagues (team). It’s important to take into consideration that your proposed working hours and availability might clash or differ with the standard working hours of others.

Come up with work related routine activities that mark the start of your day and those that mark the end of your day. This approach will help in creating mental discipline when following this routine. It’s important to also plan and include the following activities into your daily remote work routine: regular breaks, stretching, grabbing lunch, going for a walk, exercising, etc.