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Self Care

 When faced with challenges combined with pressure from balancing personal and professional life we can end up neglecting our health. One needs to take care of themselves especially when traveling and working.  Self-care is the practice of looking after yourself so that you can improve your mental and physical health.

Different people practice self-care differently, this is because every one of us has different stress and fatigue triggers. Also, everyone has different items, which make them feel relaxed and refreshed. If you made the transition of working from the office to working from home, then you might find yourself neglecting self-care.

To come up with a good self-care routine you need to embrace the following tips:

  • Have professional and personal boundaries.
  • Have a work routine.
  • Communicate your concerns to your supervisors.
  • Have an organized home.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Workout
  • Get ample sleep.
  • Take breaks when working.
  • Use mediation techniques
  • Have social interaction and chats with colleagues.