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Video Call

Video calls or video conference calls have become the easiest way for companies to have meetings without geographical strain. Video conferencing allows remote teams to take part in discussions from any location and still make their contribution. Video conferencing allows for real-time feedback, especially when dealing with a pressing issue and other forms of digital communication like emails are not effective.

Video conferencing is becoming more advanced and reliable. Remote staff can guide each other through a process by using video calls. With additional features, one can effectively perform a project presentation and even get feedbacks and edits from other team members through a video conferencing call. The flexibility of video calls being available in most digital devices makes it one of the most effective communications for remote teams.

Some video call tools allow for the recording of calls. This is very helpful for remote workers who are in different time zones, recording the calls makes it possible for one o use the information for future reference. When using video calls it's important to establish accountability protocols for your remote team.