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Zoom Fatigue

Most remote workers and on site workers use the zoom app as an office digital tool. And just like any other office equipment you can suffer fatigue from using it. Most workers find using the zoom app more taxing compared to the normal face to face meetings. Does the zoom app really cause fatigue or workers are just generally fatigued?

Remote working means less social interaction and therefore the longer hours and prolonged focus on your screen can indeed cause fatigue. Zoom fatigue can be a feeling of exhaustion after using the zoom app for too long. A feeling of being worn out after being in virtual online meetings for too long. Zoom fatigue is not caused by the app, it’s caused by prolonged video/online meetings.

Working remotely requires constant accessibility and communication. Since most workers and clients refer video calls and online meetings as a way of making follow ups and communication, a worker can find themselves spending a lot of time attending online meetings. Digital online meeting tools are valuable but when used moderately can end up improving your productivity. Have a schedule on when to receive video calls and when to be away from the screen.