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Zoom Meetings Tips

The Zoom app is becoming one of the mandatory tools remote staff have to use in order to communicate effectively with their employers and colleagues. Having a productive zoom meeting depends on a lot of things which need to be taken into consideration. The following tips will help you in having a more productive zoom meeting:

  • Appearance: be properly dressed, be neat. In fact dress the same way you would dress if you would be going for a face to face meeting with a client. Keep your colors calm and cool.
  • Background: you can customize your Zoom meeting background. Pick a background that is calm and not distracting to your colleagues.
  • Always turn off your camera and audio by default. This will prevent unnecessary noise being heard or unexpected images, until you are ready.
  • Lighting: have proper lighting in your work space so that you don't have a shady face. Have a light directly on your face, if it’s during the day, face the window so that the light can fall on your face.
  • Eye level: with the incorrect form you will end up having everyone staring at your nostrils. You need to maintain eye to eye connection with the other people. Look straight and directly at the camera. You can adjust the webcam to meet your eyes.